A little bit about the "kids" in Kids At Play...
      Al Smith: Bass Guitar & Vocals
      Ken Janson: Percussion & Vocals

Ken Janson and Al Smith began playing together
in a well known band called Exit 5 in 1981. Since
then the two have played in a variety of bands 
including Guilty, Kasco Bay, Vital Signs, and they 
most recently played in the popular local band 
Small Boy Pete's

Kids At Play combines Al's bass guitar and Ken's percussion skills with a laptop computer (a.k.a. "Mac") loaded with over 160 backing tracks to provide the melodies, piano leads, and sax solos. With selections  ranging from Frank Sinatra, The Eagles, Jimmy Buffett, and The Beatles to Billy Joel and Rod Stewart, 
Al & Ken will sing and play all your favorite... 
                        Songs You Know by Heart! 

And, you can show off your singing talents by joining us on stage to sing one of your favorite songs!
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 Kids at Play
                                     "Songs You Know by Heart"